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This step took ~20 minutes. Step 3: Sysprep and export to a Vagrant box. The final step is to sysprep the previous two images (from Steps 1 and 2) and export them to a Vagrant box - though I'll just cover one example using the image from Step 2. Let's pass the third JSON template to the build command: packer build .\vb-win2012r2-export. One solution is to use the System log. If the instance has the EC2 Config service running on it it will report the OS version (along with a few key driver versions to the console). You can access the System Log from the console by right clicking on an instance and choosing "View System Log". Indicates whether the latest version of SSM Agent is running on your Linux Managed Instance. This field does not indicate whether or not the latest version is installed on Windows managed instances, because some older versions of Windows Server use the EC2Config service to process SSM requests. PlatformType -> (string). This workaround is only needed with source VMs that run on a version of Windows Server earlier than Windows Server 2012 R2. To function, AWS instances must have Xen drivers. If Xen drivers are not installed, the replication operation cannot create a virtual network adapter for the replicated VM, and the status check for the replicated VM fails.
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